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The online fake id industry is full of sophisticated scam networks. During our research, we came across several websites which we suspected of being owned by one single person. Our suspicions often turned to be true, but that is NOT the case when it comes to the website, held by a legendary vendor known for producing some of the best quality IDs on the market. When you analyze their set up, you will find facts that are interesting because we hardly see people working so hard to produce the best quality, and often fraudulent websites are careless when it comes to that, but that is not the case with this company.


A couple of years ago this website with the name King Of Fakes started at the initial stage they only restricted themselves to the Reddit’s Scannable fake id review page /r/fakeid, and at that particular time, they only offered three states. One of our members by the username Broady on Reddit approached them for purchase and got their Connecticut, after seeing a few other members had some good reviews about this vendor and posted the photos of the fake IDs they received from them.

Anyhow, after a few months, the subreddit /r/fakeid got suspended because of Reddit‘s policy. A few dumb ass vendors would make direct sales and make discussions related to transactions in there. After that, KingOfFakes website changed its domain extension from ‘.COM‘ to ‘.TO‘ in order to protect their user’s data and keep them safe.

According to Brad:

“King Of Fakes is your fantasy hardworking and skilled vendor. Their system and methodology encourage you as a customer to read reviews which are usually all pretty good. However, it is worth noting that some scam sites have been putting out fake and discredible reports to hurt the King Of Fakes business. Those fake competitor’s posts are what I would consider, ‘garbage reviews.'”

To establish a place to post about their experience, fans of this vendor opened a subreddit by the name /r/FakeIDTalk and introduced a new method to post their feedback on the internet. They posted reviews on that channel and, after one receives an ID, they send one last email to post your own review. So if you are a customer and you see in the search engine results of Google for fake ids, you can do research such as Delay Amazon 1080 Ftw Evga “King Of Fakes reviews”, and on search engines, you will see Reddit posts. That is precisely how many users have found this vendor and became their fans.

Delay Amazon 1080 Ftw Evga

From what we have gathered the channel /r/FakeIDTalk is now /r/FakeIDForum after scammers mass reported the former and had it banned.

The process of ordering from this vendor

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Our team member personally tested and verified the status of this website. He ordered an Indiana state fake id from them and explained the buying process below:

The website uses a traditional Woocommerce cart system personalized for Bitcoin, MoneyGram and WesternUnion. It is fast and fluent but for first timers it may be a touch difficult, but not too bad nonetheless.
The images of their fake id states are relatively accurate. The company does post photos of their forged ids under ultraviolet light if one asks their customer service.
You can clearly see images with holograms and real printed cards, some even with their company’s name on their templates.
The pricing seemed fair, and by selecting Indiana, you can complete the order form, but there are no options to choose personalized license number or date of birth. When asked about this to customer service, they reaffirmed that they could and would do that for any customer who asks, and that it will be a feature on their website soon.
The confirmation of your order includes an invoice number and explains how they will send you a shipment tracking number depends on your shipping type.
They offer standard and rush service for additional costs which is great, but we did not use it for our order.
Delay Amazon 1080 Ftw Evga
Once you submit the form, you will get an automated confirmation message to your E-mail with the summary of your order. From this moment on, you can track the progress of your order in your customer account. The order status will be changing from “on-hold” to “processing” and finally to “completed”.

Evolved Fakes Club RANK METER

Delay Amazon 1080 Ftw Evga Please view our Ranking parameters for this vendor before you decide to purchase an ID from them.

Holograms: 9.7
UV: 10
Pricing: 8.5
Delay Amazon 1080 Ftw Evga Template: 9.9
Variety: 10
Delay Amazon 1080 Ftw Evga Delay Amazon 1080 Ftw Evga
Stealth: 10
Delay Amazon 1080 Ftw Evga Shipping: 10
Overall Ranking: 9.8
Category: Legendary

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Reviews Conclusion

Once your order gets processed (assuming you choose MoneyGram or Western Union), they will send you an invoice with a MoneyGram/Western Union receiver name and country, which for most users is simple enough. Cryptocurrency payments are processed automatically, which can speed up order processing for those who own Bitcoin or Litecoin.

After a week, we received the ID and can easily say this is one of the highest quality IDs in the Fake ID market. Packaging was stealth, in a plain white envelope that looked very normal and ordinary. This vendor can be trusted and IDs are good for usual use cases.

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